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Registration Deadline: Friday 29th May 2020

Day 1: Monday 1st June 2020

Day 100: Tuesday 8th September 2020

Ideal for Keeping Active during the COVID-19 Crisis

100 Day Challenge: how it works

Welcome to an innovative new Corporate Wellness Challenge, designed to encourage employees to score points by performing physical activity & exercise.

Log Activities *Score Points* Win Prizes

Employees can participate using their real name or use our ‘stealth mode’ to play along privately. All data is handled under our privacy policy.



By signing up for The Challenge, you will be able to participate in a series of Challenges either as an individual, as part of a team, or all together for your Organisation. Taking part is what counts most in this Challenge and you don’t have to be into wearing lycra to get involved.


Rather than counting steps, this Challenge is all about logging activities. Use your smartphone or smartwatch to measure activities such as walks, hikes, runs, cycles, swims, weights, yoga or indeed any workout – as long as you deem to count it as your daily exercise.


Scoring Points

This Challenge has been designed for everyone to be able to take part. Moderate, Vigorous or Strengthening Activities all qualify to score points. Daily Points are scored for performing 10-60 minutes per day. Extra points are also available for successfully reaching any of our Activity Milestones.


We’ll convert all your activities into points which you’ll be able to view in our dedicated dashboard along with everyone else taking part. You’ll be able to review your points and milestones, examine the stats, view any mini-Challenges and claim any prizes.



We have a range of e-Vouchers from popular UK and Worldwide retailers available throughout the Challenge. Participate in any of our Challenges and you’ll have a chance of winning your choice of e-Voucher.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why have a Workplace Challenge?

    When done well, Workplace Wellness Challenges can be very popular with employees as they enjoy the opportunity to get fit, have fun and compete with fellow colleagues. It’s also great for the employer as it can be a fantastic way to build team spirit, enhance engagement at work and help to develop a positive workplace culture.

  • How do I score points?


    You’ll score daily points by logging any moderate, vigorous or strengthening activity. This allows people of all abilities and interests to take part together.

    A point is awarded for each 10 minute period of activity per day, limited to 6 points per day and 36 points per week. All activities logged must be >10mins and activities will be combined together to determine the total daily points each day. For example, a 12min run and a 28min walk would total 40mins = 4 daily points.


    You can boost your points total by continually reaching Activity Milestones. For example, for every 30km you walk, you will be awarded 10 extra points. There are no restrictions to the number of milestones you can achieve throughout the Challenge.


    You will be awarded 10 extra points for every 10 consecutive days of Activity logged. Activities must be >20mins.

  • How do I log my activities?

    You will be able to use your smartphone, or GPS–enabled wearable device to log your activities.

    We will guide you how to connect to these services when you secure a place in our next Challenge.

  • How are teams created?

    If you want to take part in our Team Challenges, select a Team Captain who will submit the names of between 2 to 6 members and provide a suitable Team Name.

  • Where will I be able to see my points?

    The Challenge has a dedicated online dashboard which will provide all our Leaderboards and statistics. The link to this will be shared with all participants and removed 30 days after the Challenge has completed.

  • How will I know if I’ve won a prize?

    You’ll receive 2 emails from us each week, on Mondays and Fridays, which will contain important information to do with the Challenge, including naming any Prize Winners.

  • Is this Challenge really competitive?

    You can participate in The Challenge in your own way. There are lots of opportunities to get involved and score points at any stage. 

    There will be many people participating for different motivations. Some may want to compete and score their maximum points, others may focus on consistency and building habits, others just want to improve their own health conditions. 

    It’s entirely up to you how you take part – our main aim is that you have fun, get motivated and enjoy a benefit!